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Raymond Wellz


Raymond Wellz is a young and upcoming Hip Hop artist from Philadelphia. His unique flow, witty wordplay and catchy hooks are the trademarks of a passionate lyricist. Raymond's authentic personality moves seamlessly from underground mix tapes to highly polished club tracks.


Hanna is a youthful singer/songwriter, and her vigorous attitude shines in her music. Whether it is the playful nature of “Sandcastles,” the devotion of, “I’ll be Here When You Get Home,” or the nostalgia of “Day by Day,” Hanna’s sugary sweet voice soothes its listener, promising that everything will be OK. Her vocals, paired with guitar, upright bass, drums and keys, creates a delightful atmosphere that’s hard not to get lost in.

Wil Seabrook

Wil Seabrook has lived a creative lifetime in his few years in the music business. An indie deal as a singer/songwriter led to extensive touring throughout the US and press tours of the UK, culminating in a major label deal with Maverick/Warner Bros. A year spent touring with world class groups from Dave Matthews Band to Sister Hazel ended with the release of the band's self-titled EP, with the first single charting at AAA and commercial radio and being featured on TV shows such as "Dawson's Creek." The band returned to their indie routine with their follow up CD, "Inside", touring relentlessly and selling thousands of copies at live shows all over the country.

The Light Brigade

The Light Brigade emerged from Los Angeles's mythical Laurel Canyon in the summer of 2010. Inspired by the canyon's classic sounds, Brigade founders Tim Mosher and Stoker sought to capture that universally understood groove, interpreted through their singular writing style. Acoustic guitars, narrative songwriting, and simple, to-the-point style: this everything-old-is-new-again sound makes the Light Brigade's newest songs feel like old friends from the first listen.

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